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Division of Surface Physics and Nanotechnology

The mater in nanoscale has very interesting and often surprising properties. Investigating these properties leads to the understanding of processes undergoing in micro and macro scales. This knowledge enables us construction of technologically more advanced materials,  new devices and improvement of those already existing. All of this based on the basic processes that are present on atomic and molecular level. The scanning probe microscopy (SPM) developed by G. Binnig and H. Rohrer in the early 80’s has become an universal technique for surfaces properties, materials structures and nanostructures investigations. Potential capabilities of SPMs was shown in thousands of scientific papers on surface imaging with atomic resolution, probing the local electronic structure of nanoobjects (quantum size effect, Coulomb blockade), magnetic properties in nanoscale, mechanical properties in nanoscale (carbon nanotubes, fulerens). SPMs are also capable of manipulation with single atoms or molecules.

As regards research done at Division of Surface Physics and Nanotechnology we deal with several branches such as:

  1. Characterizations of nanostructures and single molecules adsorbed at surfaces.
  2. Creation and characterization of nanoelectronic devices.
  3. Nanoadhesion investigations by means of Dynamic Force Spectroscopy.
  4. Probing the nanomechanical properties by means of nanoidentation.
  5. Superconducting materials.
  6. Processes at electrode-electrolyte interface.

We are pioneers as regards development, modifications and applications of scanning probe microscopy not only in Poznan but also in Poland.